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OC Prius Club -10th Annual Picnic, POOL PARTY  in Newport Beach- Saturday August 16, 2014

 OC Prius Club invites you to it's Annual  Picnic and Pool (swimming, that is...) Party  . We'd be delighted to have you come to the Picnic & Pool Party at George and Cathy Margolin's in Newport Beach.

  Come and socialize! Meet other Prius Owners!

Saturday August 16, starting at 2pm till ???  RSVP to Cathy at
Bring a dish of food to share and swimsuit (if desired!- pool is about 86-90 degrees). Hamburgers, Hotdogs, and  Genuine plasticware and plates as well as sodas, etc. to be provided. It is amazing how much information is exchanged at this social event of the year!   Spouses, significant others, and yes, even kids are invited.

Location is the Margolin's, Newport Beach, CA, on
Saturday August 16 starting at 2pm.  Please RSVP to Cathy at   for  Directions. 

More Green Stickers extended until 2019 by the Governor! now up to 55,000 (15,000 extra to be issued) YEAH! You will see more Plug-in-Prius around! July 2014



2010 Prius IGuide by Toyota -For example, I clicked on "Seats &  Cargo area". A video plays showing how to work the Driver seat  adjustment levers.  Also saw how to get 3 golf bags in the cargo  area.. (thanks Aileen)


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How to Defeat Nav ('04,'05) with NO Car Changes

Unusual Prius Pictures

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        Orange County website- OC PriusChat Forum

        Johnís website-  great info sheet, hints, user guide, etc.

        San Diego Prius Club- Large local club with lots of info

        Toyota Prius info by Toyota

        Bluetooth info for your Prius   Prius FAQ  -This is a listing of FAQs/VFAQs from the 2004 Prius community for various Modifications or Repairs ,pickup checklist, etc.    Jeff Kash, links to other info Hints /tips(diagnostic screen, reverse beep turn off)

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o  (unmoderated- lots of spam)

o       Original Yahoo group -

o  - Prius and other hybrids


Interested in getting on the OC Prius Club email List for meetings?

Email or  Phone 949-645-5950

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